Denim Dudes Rugged Men & The End of Free & Easy

Japan’s most celebrated menswear magazines, Free & Easy, was folding. Free & Easy took style very seriously and tapped a unique market:  the older, discerning gentleman interested in lifestyle and fashion. Thats where the ‘Dad’s Style’ element to their issues came from. David Marx remembers, “There was this big group of guys such as Take Ivy authors Paul Hasegawa and Shosuke Ishizu, the Van Jacket team and fashion critic Shiro Ito. They were important guys in the 50s and 60s and F&E focussed around that group of people as they aged gracefully”

The magazine not only focused on them but celebrated them, made them a tribe and gave them a spotlight. David continues: “the clever thing they did was at the very beginning of the magazine they would include three to four essays from the featured person.” So this really made the everyday man an everyday hero. A pretty modern thing to do back in the day.

Madeline Harmon from Chucks Vintage in LA, another big fan of the publication agrees, “It didn’t just cover the ‘fashion guy’ it covered real guys, real workers, and the people that they chose to feature were just so fucking cool!”

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