Generational Throwbacks Through Fashion At Chuck’s Vintage


New York Fashion Week is sadly over, but the fashion season will only end on the upside, thanks to Chuck’s Vintage opening of its Upper East Side flagship store. We are certainly thrilled, and await in eager anticipation of the September 30th launch.

The opening is in honor and memory of founder Madeline Cammarata (Madeline Harmon), who recently passed. An eminent fashion model who opened the store 15 years ago in LA’s iconic Melrose Place, she carved out a notable niche in the world of denim. After being discovered by famed photographer Helmut Newton, Madeline graced the runways of Europe before settling in LA and realizing her love of historically rich and emblematic clothing through Chuck’s Vintage. Her illustrious career is as successful as it is varied, having once sold the most expensive pair of jeans ever sold for a staggering one million dollars.

The move from LA to New York is a bitter sweet moment for Chuck’s Vintage. Madeline passed away from a sudden illness in November last year, with her husband Vincent remaining to carry forth her torch. In an interview for Social Life Magazine in 2018, Madeline expressed her gratitude for her husband’s unwavering support:

“My husband Vincent, has never left my side, not even as we have travelled all across the country and been to every doctor. This man has loved me unconditionally. My life, to me, is a real love story, and I don’t think it’s something that other people have experienced the way I have.”

Chuck’s Vintage is also a favorite of celebrities Steve Jobs, Robert Plant, Morrisey, Alexa Chung. According to SPIN OFF magazine, “every starlet in between” has walked through their doors, so it is only natural that their next stop be New York City.

Chuck’s grand opening on the 30th at the Classic Car Club of Manhattan will be an opportunity for creatives, fashion enthusiasts, travelers, and history buffs alike to get their fix. The store plans to uniquely represent each era, and vows to celebrate body positivity with array of stylistically eclectic models of various sizes and ethnicities. To visit Chuck’s Vintage please head to the store and see the magic for yourself!