Q. Tell us a little bit about your background, where did you grow up? What inspired you to get into vintage clothing? How did Chuck’s Vintage happen?

A. Well I grew in Hollywood off the streets of Melrose Ave. I was raised by an orthodox Jewish mother. I always had a love for “costumes” as my mother called it. Every Friday night I would do these little skits shows dressing up in incredible Couture gowns that my dad’s girlfriend gave me. Strangely enough one of those pieces was a Ghost slip. I grew up always loving to dress up as different characters and vintage was a part of that. Clothing for me has always been an expression of my mood in that moment. Chuck’s Vintage was founded by my incredible talented husband. We met when I was 19 years old and knew I could never live in another person’s world, so he gave me our first child which is “Chuck’s Vintage”

Q. How do you feel about London fashion in comparison to LA?

A. London fashion I would have to say is definitely edger and has more of a punk influence.

Q. Do you have a favourite designer, vintage and new?

A. My favourite vintage designer is the mom who went to the dry goods store and made art from her mind and never influenced by anyone else. For new, I would have to say I have always have had a love for Rodarte and Jaton Couture for dresses and my greatest love will always be Levi’s.

Q. What would you say are your favourite eras?

A. My favourite era is from the 1860’s to the 1930’s