Vintage Influence on Contemporary Fashion” at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandizing (my alma mater).


The panel was composed of four individuals who come from backgrounds in fashion- either as antique dealers or as designers.  Present were Alicia Estrada, CEO/Designer, Stop Staring!Madeline Harmon, Owner, Chuck’s VintageShareen Mitchell, Owner, Shareen VintageDoris Raymond, Owner, The Way We Wore, and the moderator/master of ceremonies was Kevin Jones, FIDM Museum Curator.

As soon as this event popped up in my inbox, I signed up right away.  Never mind that I’m still not back to normal after the time difference of the midwest, never mind that I’m tired of traveling- I was determined to go.  So I got my little self up to Los Angeles, hung out with my best friend, then dolled myself up vintage (and neglected to take any pictures), and headed out to FIDM in the evening.